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Notary Public 101 for the General Public

I am Ericka C. Davis, expert notary public and wedding officiant as well as the sole operator (for now) of Expertise Services & Weddings Las Vegas. My areas of expertise lie in paralegal services, notary signings and tax preparation since 2010. Life and the pursuit of what makes me happy has led me to primarily focus on notary services and weddings for the past 2 years. I have served the State of Nevada as a notary public since 2011. Since then I have continued my education and have completed training's with the National Notary Association and Notary 2 Pro. My official recognition's to date include: ordained minister, certified notary signing agent (we'll get there) and recent college graduate with my Bachelor of Arts in Communications minoring in Speech. Now that the formalities are out of the way lets discuss the role of the notary public.

A notary public is an individual authorized by their resident or work state, typically through the office of the Secretary of State, whose job is to certify as an impartial witness to the signature of a person or persons signing a document. The notary public must identify who is signing so if you don't have any identification or a credible witness that is both know to the notary and will swear they know the signer then you cannot get your document notarized. That is the law of Nevada and each state may vary.

Above I mentioned that I am a notary signing agent and you may ask what is that? A notary signing agent is knowledge in the documents, procedures and signings of loans, mortgages, debt settlements, and other time-sensitive and crucial documents. Notary signing agents work with loan signing companies, mortgage lenders, title and escrow companies and are priced higher than general notary work.

You may have needed a notary public or notary signing agent and did not know why. The main job of either is to certify that Ms. Smith did indeed sign the loan mortgage documents on (insert date). Notaries assist with acknowledgements or witnessing of signature, jurats which is the swear of the contents of document as well as signature, administer of oaths, and to certify copies of medical records, legal documents or government issued documents.

Notary public's are public officials however not paid directly from the government. Therefore, each notary public sets there own hours, office location and chooses whether or not they are a mobile service or a physical location. Expertise Services Las Vegas operates on a 24 hour a day 7 day a week model and the lowest rate including the notarization of 1 document and 1 signer is $25.

There are several ways to find a notary public- check search engines such as Google or Yahoo, social media pages- you may be surprised the number of locals advertising in your area, also check reputable sites such as, Notary Cafe, Notary Rotary and others. If your are in the Las Vegas, NV area you can always give Expertise Services Las Vegas a call directly or send us an email through the contact us page.


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