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Expertise Weddings Ceremonies

"...Accommodating, sweet as can be, professional, price was unbeatable by far, knowledgeable, & overall EXCEPTIONAL! And that is an understatement."              -Majorie & Maxine

"The simplicity, the respect Given to both parties of different Faith's. The professionalism came without hassle. The choice of words were considered with great thought and preparation." - Barry & Angela

"Ericka has an energy about her that can blend into any time, place or person. For us we were just walking along to a bench in the hotel and saw a Starbucks. So we signed papers at Starbucks. She was on time, flexible and funny AF. I would highly recommend Ericka to be a part of your day in Las Vegas, whether it's just signing papers or the big to do, she is your girl!" - Amber & David

"We contacted Minister Ericka as a referral from a friend that used Expertise Weddings for their ceremony. Minister Ericka completed a mini-survey that got to know me and my spouse. The ceremony she wrote was personal and exactly what we wanted." -Phillip & Rebekah

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