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5 Daredevil Las Vegas Weddings

One of the coolest things about being an expert mobile minister in Las Vegas is the thrill of knowing every couple I come in contact with is different. Whether the setting is intimate, extravagant or thrill-seeking each couple is unique! Want to do something different, spectacular or even jaw-dropping? Then take a look at some of these daredevil wedding ideas right here in the Las Vegas, NV area.

1. Mount Charleston

Nestled just under 42 miles from the famous Las Vegas Strip is Mount Charleston, NV. On average it is about 20 degrees cooler at any given time and even colder in the winter months. This colder weather brings skiing, snowboarding and other fun snow activities. Spring through fall hiking is available and this is where the daredevil comes out. The Resort at Mount Charleston website describes the various hiking trails from beginner to advanced. The easiest trip being just around 20 minutes, just under 1 mile and at impressive elevation just over 8,000 feet. The most advanced trip would be travelling the North or South Loop with a trip length of 6-8 hours and a peak elevation of 11,880. Check out this awesome picture of the great Mount Charleston.

Mount Charleston Wedding

2. Helicopter Wedding

Take a quick ride to the Grand Canyon, Red Rock, Valley of Fire or just over the Las Vegas Strip. See the city like no one else with an aerial view. The majority of companies that offer all-inclusive packages include limousine service, champagne toast with souvenir flutes, photography, videography and ministerial services like Minister Ericka- THE LV Mobile Wedding Officiant. (You like that subtle not subtle name drop!) I personally love the views of the Las Vegas Strip, Hoover Dame and the Grand Canyon when flying just 40 minutes to Arizona. This package is so much fun and amazing! Below is a photo of one of my Grand Canyon wedding couples and the breathtaking view.

Minister Ericka Grand Canyon wedding

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride Wedding

Staying in the air for just a few moments longer- we come to the ultimate daredevil, thrill-seeking adventure- a hot air balloon wedding. Many all-inclusive packages include wedding officiant services like Minister Ericka, round-trip shuttle or limousine service, champagne and a full breakfast. The 1 hour flight would require you to stand the whole time accept where wheelchair accessible. Take a private, intimate flight or take a ride with friends and family. This is at the top of proportional heights. Below is an example of a couple getting married hot air balloon style.

hot air balloon wedding las vegas

Take a walk on the wild side in Old Nevada just 30 miles from the Las Vegas strip. As featured on a Travel Channel ghost exploration show many people have left saying they felt paranormal activity. In particular, the old Opera House is said to be haven for 'reanimated wax figures' and other scary ghouls. Appropriately during October, the entire Old Town area becomes a haunted house and zombie land. Other than a few stray spirits the grounds serves as a gorgeous backdrop for a rustic ceremony. Take a look at this view of the Opera House at Bonnie Springs.

5. Zipling- Downtown or Off-Strip Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers two places to zipline- The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino and the Fremont Street Experience. (Yup, those were links for you to book.) Slotzilla as Fremont Street calls there's is the thrill-seekers dream of Downtown Las Vegas. They offer 2 choices the lower Zipline just under 80 feet and the upper Zoomline just under 120 feet at speeds up to 40 miles an hour down the Experience. For an even higher experience head on over to the Rio's Voodoo Zipline. Leaving from the Voodoo Lounge, 50 stories airborne, sends riders more than 800 feet in just over 1 minute... 1 minute and 10 seconds to be exact at a speed of 33 miles per hour!

Zipline Las Vegas

(All photos obtained courtesy of Google including mine!)

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