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Unity Ceremonies for the Modern Couple

Choosing a unity ceremony for your Las Vegas wedding or any wedding anywhere for that matter can be confusing, time-consuming and even a bit unfamiliar. As an expert wedding officiant in the Las Vegas area it is my position to assist couples in creating a ceremony that is both amazing and memorable. Two of my personal favorite to add to a special day are the unity candle lighting or sand blending ceremonies.

Unity ceremonies are a great inclusion in weddings because it is a visible representation of the blending of two lives or families into one. Traditionally, the ceremony involves the couple lighting individual candles and lighting one candle together in unity or the blending of two different colored sands into one jar. As modernization goes, the ceremony now includes children, parents and grandparents for a unique touch.

Both the unity candle and sand ceremony are a nice addition to any wedding because of what it represents to the new couple and their well wishers. A sand blending ceremony or unity candle lighting is meant to symbolize the joining of 2 people or 2 families into one inseparable bond. This is an amazing keepsake from your wedding day showing the inseparability of the two or more people. For example, with a family unity candle ceremony lighting, the couple will first light their candle, then they will light the candles of the children, parents or grandparents. They will then at once light the decorated unity candle. This symbolizes the joining of the two families for eternity.

The sand ceremony essentially uses the same concept as the unity candle lighting yet uses different colored sands to represent the individuals involved. These individual colored sands are then merged into one jar simultaneously. This signifies the inseparablity of those acting in the ceremony. As the individual sands can never be separated again neither can those of the lives of the individuals in the unity ceremony.

With either ceremony the unity candle or sand jar are beautiful keepsakes to put on your fireplace or mantle as a constant reminder of your vows and wedding day. This ceremony also includes special wording so talk with your officiant. Find out if this is something they offer and what is included. Especially with the blending of more families it is a beautiful way to get everyone involved leaving for them a special place in your special day.

In Las Vegas, Minister Ericka has performed dozens of unity ceremonies and can send samples after booking. Visit for more information.

Minister Ericka and Mr. Mark Davis lighting the unity candle

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