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10 Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Locations

As THE Las Vegas Mobile Wedding Officiant I often get the question, "Where should we do our ceremony, Minister Ericka?" In Las Vegas the options are endless. I have compiled some of my favorite places into this list. Take it for what it's worth in no particular order or fashion just my picks. However, I have performed 82 weddings as of today in less than a year. How? By travelling where others won't and creating memories every step of the way!

10. Reflection Bay Golf Club | Lake Las Vegas

I had the pleasure of marrying a couple at this gorgeous venue towards the end of May. The weather was perfect and the view... breathtaking! (Photo courtesy of Google)

Reflection Bay Golf Club at Lake Las Vegas

9. The Bellagio Fountains | Las Vegas Strip

Probably the most popular of all- The Bellagio Fountains. Couples love to get married around the water show times which offer a really cool background for photos and videos. This compliments the Expertise Weddings Las Vegas- LV Quickie Elopement package perfectly. (Photo from ceremony officiated by Minister Ericka)

Minister Ericka- Bellagio Fountains Ceremony

8. The High Roller Wheel | The Linq Hotel and Casino

I love the view from the Linq. It is the highest observation platform in Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, it is The World's Tallest Observation Wheel. At it's highest point of 550 feet, it eclipses both the Singapore Flyer and London Eye.

This attraction also offers a "Happier Half Hour" which includes a bar with unlimited drinks during the ride. (Photo courtesy of Google)

The High Roller Wheel at The Linq

7. The Suites at The Cosmopolitan | Las Vegas Strip

One of my couples chose to do an in-suite ceremony at The Cosmopolitan. They chose the LV Quickie Elopement inside their 50th floor suite which offered a 180 degree panoramic view of the strip like no other. The hotel offers different view options similar to that pictured below. (Photo courtesy of Google)

A balcony at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino

6. Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon| Remote Las Vegas

Both the Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon can be accessed via car or helicopter. I personally would opt for the helicopter and enjoy the 40 minute ride. Depending on the helicopter company you choose will determine where you will land and take pictures. The views are spectacular either way! (Photo from ceremony officiated by Minister Ericka)

Grand Canyon helicopter wedding with Minister Ericka

5. Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs | Las Vegas, NV

This hidden gem is nestled in the North part of town in Las Vegas. It offers 4 different lakes the largest being Tule Springs. It's 2000­+ acres is packed with wildlife, lush vegetation, lakes and views of the Sheep and Spring Mountain Ranges. (Photo from ceremony officiated by Minister Ericka)

Floyd Lamb Park with Minister Ericka

4. Symphony Park at The Smith Center | Las Vegas, NV

This unique and colorful tube wall provides a gorgeous view day or night. Located near Downtown Las Vegas and the Premium Outlets North this venue is just perfect for the quicker I Do. I have had the honor of marrying at least 10 couples in this gorgeous park. (Photo courtesy of Google)

The Park at The Smith Center- Minister Ericka

3. Desert Shore's Community Lakes | Las Vegas, NV

Desert Shores is a community within the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. Just off the Cheyenne Avenue and Rampart Boulevard exit nestled within the community are 3 lakes which are picturesque for sunrise weddings. Check out my couple below who just loved this unique spot. (Photo from ceremony officiated by Minister Ericka)

Minister Ericka at Lake Jacqueline

2. Fremont Street Experience | Downtown Las Vegas, NV

What is busier than the Fremont Street Experience? Nothing! Want to try something unique or maybe going viral is your quest. Look no further than the old Las Vegas strip- The Fremont Street Experience. This 24 hour spot offers casinos, food, street vendors and characters and the infamous light show hourly starting at 6:00 p.m. (Photo courtesy of Google)

Fremont Street Experience- Minister Ericka

1. The Private Home | Las Vegas, NV

I love this option the most because you- the couple- control the elements surrounding your special day. Las Vegas has many home rental options from quaint cottages to mega mansions. What ever your budget or ideas- Las Vegas offers it and more. (Photo from ceremony officiated by Minister Ericka)

Minister Ericka- THE LV Mobile Wedding Officiant

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