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A Note from Minister E.

When I graduated from college my mother gave me my next task- write a book. Of course I laughed it off at the time. As life goes on though I kept feeling this... this nagging in my spirit. This feeling so compelling that told me to share my truth and my light. In April of 2019, I received a random email to one of my back-up emails from what I thought was a scam magazine asking me to introduce myself. I stared at it for some time for some reason but did not reply.

Around the end of May, I received another email from this magazine so I decided to investigate a bit. I found them to be a legitimate online magazine that features people all over the country in different areas. But again I ignored the email and all my research and continued on my daily path. Work, work and family time.

In July, the editor of Voyage Houston Magazine for Texas wrote me directly and offered the opportunity. I knew at that moment I had to be looking a gift horse in the mouth so I buckled down and replied. The editor replied back with a list of questions and instead of doing just a fluff piece on my business I decided to introduce me- Minister Ericka C. Davis. I opened myself to all of you and I hope you can appreciate my testimony. Some may never relate or understand and that's okay. But for anyone that it blessed by it- I pray for love and light in your life as well. ~Namaste


Contact Info:

Phone: 725-696-3536

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